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SEC Preview Magazines Available from MSP

By now you've probably gotten your national preview magazines of choice, and your eyes have glazed over from Phil Steele's tome at least five times. Why not get more specific and try a readable magazine focused on just your school?

First up is Volunteers Kickoff 2011, a Tennessee magazine edited by Rocky Top Talk's Joel Hollingsworth. It includes articles by yours truly on second year head coaching successes (my name's not Year2 for nothing) and from cocknfire on the SEC's recent dominance in the BCS.

Are you on the other side of the Third Saturday in October? They how about Crimson Tide Kickoff 2011, edited by Todd Jones of Roll Bama Roll. It includes a pair of articles by kleph, one on the Tuscaloosa tornado relief efforts and a history piece on the impact the 1959 Liberty Bowl had on Alabama's integration.

Finally there's a Georgia magazine titled, and you're not going to believe this, Bulldogs Kickoff 2011. It's edited by T. Kyle King of Dawg Sports.

Order yours today, as they're shipping this week. If you wait until they hit newsstands, you won't get it until July 19.