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Russell Wilson to Make Transfer Choice Today

UPDATE: Russell Wilson has chosen Wisconsin.

Former NC State and All-ACC quarterback Russell Wilson apparently will beat his July 1 deadline for making a decision about his future:

QB Russell Wilson will announce his decision today, we'll have his first interview to ask him all about it! 3:30 ET ESPNless than a minute ago via Facebook Favorite Retweet Reply


The expectation is that Wilson will decide between Auburn, Wisconsin, and professional baseball. It would be remarkable for him to choose baseball given that A) he's announcing discussing his choice on a TV program called "College Football Live", and B) the L.A. Dodgers filed for bankruptcy today. Wilson isn't in the Dodgers organization, so I only bring that up from a symbolic standpoint.

Wilson visited Auburn back in late May, and he visited Wisconsin shortly thereafter. While Wilson has some wheels, he would be a more natural fit in Wisconsin's offense as a drop back passer. That's not to say that he wouldn't excel in Gus Malzahn's scheme at Auburn, but it would be a bigger adjustment to fit in there after his work in Raleigh.

Given that most people believe the Badgers are merely a quarterback away from being a legit Big Ten and national championship contender (especially with the mess at Ohio State), I think Wisconsin is probably the leader. Auburn provides the better climate of the two, especially in November, but it won't be even an SEC West contender with Wilson's talents added in. If winning is his biggest concern, then he'll be in Madison this fall.

Wilson will not be an NFL quarterback as he's only 5'11". His professional athletics future is absolutely in baseball. He might choose Auburn if he decides that offense is more fun to play in, but I think he'll opt for the better chance at winning at Wisconsin. We'll see if he makes a fool out of me this afternoon.