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Sprints is Short But Not Very Sweet // 06.24.11

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College World Series schedule
Here's when the SEC teams are in action today:

Florida vs. Vanderbilt, 2 p.m. ET, ESPN
South Carolina vs. Virginia, 7 p.m. ET, ESPN

Again, Florida and South Carolina need one win to go to the final series. Vanderbilt and Virginia need two; the second games will be played Saturday if necessary.

Victor Hampton might not be back yet
Steve Spurrier says the defensive back still has to "do some things" to get back on the team, adding more confusion to what has already become a convoluted situation.

George O'Leary testifies at Ereck Plancher wrongful-death trial
First of all, someone needs to define "taxing" for George O'Leary before he goes testifying at wrongful-death trials about former players.

O'Leary reiterated his previous statements that he viewed the drills as a "non-taxing workout." Former players have testified it was among the toughest offseason workouts they had ever done and a lot of athletes were throwing up during the agility drills.

While the two former players said Plancher was berated for collapsing during sprints near the end of the workout, O'Leary said he Plancher tripped and stumbled but completed the drill.

O'Leary recalled telling Plancher after the sprints, "You're better than that." ... He later added [on Thursday], "If you're asking me how I felt after everything went down that day, awful. I felt awful."

That kind of gets to something that we should probably keep in mind while this case goes on. It's not about whether O'Leary or UCF were sensitive to Plancher's condition; it's about whether they took the necessary steps to protect him. There are already plenty of valid questions about that.

Danny Wuerffel gives us an update on his condition
If you're interested in the case and it's outlook, check out the whole thing. But this is the part I found amazing as an example of unyielding faith in God.

Pray I will use this time wisely. Pray I will hear God's voice clearly and that this will be what author Richard Rohr calls "Liminal" time, or time at the threshold where God puts us in a strange situation (usually challenging ones where we aren't in control) where we are most apt to listen and grow. "Business as usual" usually doesn't lead to transformation.

I'm grateful for this time.

I look forward to coming back a better man and leader.

Thoughts and prayers to Wuerffel in all of that.

Erik Ainge retires
Not that there's much to retire from at the NFL level right now. Ainge has been sober for about a year now, which is the positive part of his life; the negative part is that his injuries have become too much to ignore.

"As much as I love football, and I really love football, I don't know if in the immediate future, I'm going to be able to do it with everything that's wrong with my body. I just think it’s time."

Best of luck to Ainge in his future pursuits and his attempts to remain clean.