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Conference Re-Draft Round 4 is Done

We've picked up the pace, and the fourth round of the conference re-draft project is over. Here's how it went down, with previous picks in parenthesis:

  1. Cult of Les Miles: Stanford (LSU, Michigan, UNC)
  2. House of Sparky: Tennessee (USC, Notre Dame, Oregon)
  3. Conference TMZ: Michigan State (Ohio State, Florida State, Louisville)
  4. Us: Texas A&M (Alabama, Oklahoma, Nebraska)
  5. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: Miami-FL (Florida, Penn State, Virginia Tech)
  6. The 12 Pack: Wisconsin (Texas, Georgia, UCLA)

We considered Wisconsin and Miami, the two teams that went after us, but we're good with our selection of Texas A&M. It's a pretty good school in a lot of different sports, which is a good thing. It has lots of fan support and generates a good bit of revenue (unlike Miami), and it has a baseball team (unlike Wisconsin). Tennessee was also on the radar, but as expected, the Vols weren't there for us.

As much as anything, we felt that the combination of A&M and Oklahoma gives us a strong presence in Texas, perhaps as strong as the 12 Pack with the Longhorns. It also was a very popular pick among all of you who commented on the last thread, which did play a part in our selection.

With the first two picks in Round 5, BCI chose Washington and BHGP took Auburn.

We're still waiting to hear from the Texas A&M blogger to see if he's interested in joining, so we won't be making any picks tonight. We're leaning towards getting a good basketball program here, but our ears are always open. Also, we seriously need to pick a name, as most of the other leagues have one. Let's hear your suggestions.