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Sprints is Acting Out Like UNC and South Carolina Today // 06.22.11

First, a dose of giddiness from Les Miles

Your College World Series wrap-up

Florida and South Carolina are one game away from the finals.

UNC notice of allegations gives clues about A.J. Green suspension
One thing that was never clear about the Agentgate scandal that exploded onto the scene last year was how A.J. Green got caught up in the mess for selling his jersey to an agent. Some assumed -- not without basis -- that the NCAA had begun by looking into whether Green was part of a Miami trip that blew the whole thing open, but had gone on a fishing expedition after that to try to find something. Reading between the lines of the UNC notice of allegations, that was not the case.

The school was also cited for failing to monitor "social media activity" of the team in 2010 as well as the conduct of former player Chris Hawkins. Hawkins was previously connected to trips to Atlanta and Las Vegas made by cornerback Kendric Burney, and also paid $1,000 for the jersey of Georgia's A.J. Green -- a transaction that resulted in Green's four-game suspension because the NCAA said Hawkins qualified as an agent.

So Hawkins was apparently already under investigation by the NCAA when the Association became aware of Green's jersey sale. That adds up a bit better than a fishing expedition in Athens when the NCAA has many more worthy things to follow.

Gamecock Man on South Carolina's discipline controversy
The post is prompted by, of course, the DeVonte Holloman news and also by the reinstatement of Victor Hampton, who was kicked off the team for -- well, we don't really know why he was kicked off the team. Or why he was reinstated. Details, details.

In any case, Gamecock Man makes a cogent point about the fighting over which team is more or less disciplinarian -- and whether that should matter that much.

We tend to be very unforgiving of the various misdemeanors and snafus that many college football players get involved in, regardless of the fact that such incidents are par for the course for many young adults. This is particularly true if the said player is not a member of your team -- most fans have a strong ability to rationalize the behavior of their players and coaches but not those of other programs.

Of course, achieving the balance that Gamecock Man calls for between that and allowing a player to become a one-man crime spree on the university's dime can be difficult. Which is why it's probably worth trying.

Call it the Lane Kiffin clause
Tennessee head baseball coach Dave Serrano can be fired for "significant or repetitive violation(s) of NCAA rules." What does that mean? The UT legal department is glad you asked.

"The phrase ‘significant or repetitive violations’ shall mean any major violation of one or more NCAA rules or multiple secondary violations of one or more NCAA rules considered collectively to be a major violation," the document reads.

A similar clause is in basketball coach Cuonzo Martin's contract.

Ole Miss hires Twitter-happy hitting coach
His name is Cliff Godwin, and he's a former assistant at LSU and Notre Dame. His last job was at UCF.

Nothing to see here
The special car-deal allegations against Ohio State (which are and aren't separate from the number of cars Terrelle Pryor has been spotted driving around campus) appear to have collapsed unless the NCAA has some other information. A state agency and a trade group found no evidence of wrong doing in the case, so the university closed its own investigation.

"We have seen no evidence that would lead us to believe that Ohio State student athletes violated any policies when purchasing used cars," said university spokesman Jim Lynch.

Of course, that also leaves the memorabilia-for-tattoos investigation and the general cloud over the program's head. But the car accusations were always some of the more serious ones; for now, those appear to be on the backburner or dead.

Though it got awkward when Pryor offered Gruden a jersey in return
Want to know how much the Worldwide Leader wants anything football-related to air with the lockout dragging on. Here's your answer.

ESPN’s Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden will conduct a one-on-one film session and workout with the former Ohio State quarterback in an hour-long special Gruden’s QB Camp -- Terrelle Pryor. The show will air on Thursday, June 30 at 9 p.m. EST on ESPN.

Brought to you by Chevy. And Ford. And Nissan ...

More on the Ereck Plancher family lawsuit
I won't try to summarize a complex story on the latest day of the UCF wrongful death trial. But the judge is trying to ride herd to get the case done on time and in an orderly manner.

"With any future videos you're going to be showing, you guys are going to work this out ahead of time," Evans said. "If it's not agreed, I'm going to pick who I think is responsible and I'm going to sanction them. You won't like the sanctions. I don't know what it will be. It may be walking on the road picking up the trash."

So that's what a law degree from Harvard will get you.