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Conference Re-Draft Third Round Is In the Books

The third round of the conference re-draft is done, and the picks went as follows (with first and second round selections in parenthesis): 

  1. BC Interruption: UCLA (Texas, Georgia)
  2. Black Heart Gold Pants: Virginia Tech (Florida, Penn State)
  3. Us: Nebraska (Alabama, Oklahoma)
  4. Big East Coast Bias: Louisville (Ohio State, Florida State)
  5. House of Sparky: Oregon (USC, Notre Dame)
  6. Red Cup Rebellion: North Carolina (LSU, Michigan)

Just looking at these results, I like BCI's conference and our conference the best. From a pure football standpoint, I think ours wins. Looking at overall programs, BCI's is a bit better, but some of that comes from having better drafting position than we did. BHGP picked VT for the DC television market and consistent football winning over the last 20 years or so, but that still strikes me as a reach. They probably could have got the Hokies in the next round while picking up more program value in the other teams they considered like Miami and Tennessee.

As for the Louisville pick? I accosted inquired of those who made that choice on Twitter to find out why they chose the Cardinals there. The reasons boiled down to these three: 1) Louisville's basketball program is very profitable and will be even more profitable with the new arena, 2) they care about basketball, and 3) this is for fun, so why not add flavor by not picking an SEC or Big Ten school? I pointed out that they could have gotten more overall program profit and with better football and still great basketball value with Michigan State, but that was before they had articulated point 3.

In any event, Red Cup Rebellion is currently on the clock to begin round four. At this point, basketball powers are beginning to come off the board (Louisville, UNC), so we've got a few of them on our radar. Considering which schools are left, do any stick out as Godfather options? You know, programs that are too good to refuse. Let's hear it.