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Sprints is Asking the Rain to Go Away from Omaha // 06.21.11


Tuesday will be SEC day in Omaha
Not only does South Carolina play later in the day -- Florida and Vanderbilt will resume their matchup at 11 a.m. ET after some rough weather. The loser plays North Carolina. Florida leads 3-1, for those of you who are keeping score at home.

Sounds fun
As someone who once lived in North Alabama -- it's never a positive when the tornado sirens start going off.


Derek Dooley doesn't like saying goodbye
Another player is not with Tennessee "at this time" -- this time, it's Rae Sykes.

And it didn't even cost as much as a smile on Cecil Newton's face
Auburn got their national championship rings today, apparently. But are they really real?

In Columbus, they call it the five-finger discount
Chris Rainey's national championship ring was stolen from the home he shares with fellow Florida player Moses Jenkins. That's not all that was taken.

The items reported stolen include Rainey’s 2008 National Championship ring, 10 pairs of Jenkins’ shoes, a Gucci duffel bag, a television and a Sony PlayStation.

Now, I realize that the average football player is going to own more footwear than the rest of us. But, really, 10 pairs of shoes?!? We can surmise that Jenkins probably owns at least 11 pairs -- unless he was walking around barefoot somewhere -- so he could wear two pairs of shoes each weekday and one on the weekends.

The Ereck Plancher lawsuit gets worse for George O'Leary
A former teammate of Plancher's appears to put the UCF coach pretty close to the scene of what should be called a crime.

Anthony Davis said that UCF coach George O'Leary ordered all water and trainers out of the indoor fieldhouse during the practice on March 18, 2008. He also testified during the wrongful death trial in Orlando that the coach was yelling obscenities at Plancher as he told him to get up after falling during an obstacle course drill.

College football fans can only hope that the spotlight on this will make coaches do the right thing, no matter what the outcome of the trial might be. O'Leary and other coaches need to learn that players hesitant to go beyond their limits aren't necessarily weak; sometimes, they're just trying to survive.