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Sprints Would Suspend DeVonte Holloman Even If Garcia Plays // 06.20.11

College World Series Opening Round
Our coverage of the weekend is here and here.

Holloman arrested for drunk driving
One of the questions that always complicates off-season arrests and potential suspensions is whether losing a player from what could be a liability for your team is that big a deal, given that the area is likely to be a liability anyway. South Carolina now has to deal with that question, thanks to the DUI arrest of DeVonte Holloman, who was expected to play the hybrid linebacker-safety position in what could be a subpar backfield for the Gamecocks.

South Carolina sports information director Steve Fink, contacted late Saturday night, could neither confirm nor deny the report of the arrest. Fink reminded reporters of the school's policy that whenever an athlete is arrested, he is summarily suspended until the process of the law.

To my Georgia friends who never allow facts to get in the way of an attack on Steve Spurrier: No, this is different than the Stephen Garcia incident because Holloman broke the law and endangered other people in doing so. If Spurrier doesn't suspend Holloman for at least the first game, the coach deserves all the criticism that's coming. (The extent of the penalty is a legitimate question, though it should probably be enough to sideline him for the Georgia game.)

So let's wait for Spurrier to make an announcement before jumping to any assumptions. And let's lay off comparing Garcia's mistakes to someone who got behind the wheel of a deadly weapon under the influence of alcohol out of fairness to the quarterback.

The revenge of Phillip Fulmer
The hefty one doesn't expect to be Tennessee's new athletics director. But that allows him to say things like this.

"It’s one of the most important hires that has happened in our history," Fulmer said, "to kind of help us dig out of the hole we’ve gotten ourselves into, from a lot of fronts."

Fulmer would remind you that the one that got the Vols into that hole also fired a certain football coach. Just sayin.

Avoiding Kafka
It's the Bylaw Blog on vacated wins. So you should read it. But those who doubt whether breaking the rules on recruiting and eligibility is a big deal should note Infante's comment about why that's an integral part of the sport.

An men’s basketball team is not just playing the sport of basketball. They are actually playing the more specific sport of NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball. Aside from scoring more points than the other team, this sport has an additional requirement: to do so with a properly assembled roster of players meeting eligibility requirements. The NCAA Division I Manual is no less a part of the rules that disinguish college basketball from other forms of the sport than the 35-second shot clock.

Another great post.

Money to study helmets and brain injuries
Hopefully the $1.1 million will help make a difference on things like concussions.