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NCAA To Investigate Ohio State, Auburn, LSU, and Tennessee Recruiting in South Florida

A source has told the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel that NCAA investigators are heading to South Florida to investigate the recruiting practices of Ohio State, Auburn, LSU, and Tennessee there. It doesn't sound like a pure fishing trip, as the source is quoted as saying, "enough red flags have been raised about money changing hands in the recruiting process to merit the investigation."

Let's go down the line, shall we?

Ohio State raised an eyebrow for me as all of its current trouble has to to with what happens in Columbus, not the recruiting trail. Still, being thorough doesn't hurt an investigation, I suppose. I shouldn't need to detail the myriad issues with Auburn's recruiting lately. LSU is probably in here because of South Florida native Patrick Peterson's alleged relationship with street agent Will Lyles. Tennessee is currently under the NCAA's heat lamp in part for recruiting activities under Lane Kiffin, and he famously recruited out of the region.

Street agents, "high school officials," and representatives of 7-on-7 tournaments are all on the interview list according to this source. Rumors of NCAA investigating this place or that are common, but it's unusual to get such specificity like this. I have little reason to doubt that this report is true, and given what I know about South Florida, I have little reason to doubt that they'll find something.