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Sprints Would Hire Dave Serrano if Mike Hamilton Didn't Mess It Up // 06.16.11

How many words should I write about the leather jacket?
How many words should I write about the leather jacket?

Earlier on TSK: The Ereck Plancher Wrongful Death Trial
On Wednesday, the wrongful death trial for UCF football player Ereck Plancher began in an Orlando courtroom. The outcome of the case could have profound implications for all of college football.

Tennessee hires Serrano
Dave Serrano is easily the best hire a school like Tennessee could make. Cal State Fullerton is probably the best non-BCS program in the country; for a mid-tier SEC team to hire him is a major coup. Then again, it's the kind of coup the Vols will need to compete in what might be the toughest baseball division in then country.

That means Holbrook decides to stay in Columbia
It's not entirely clear to me whether Chad Holbrook was even with Serrano or if Holbrook was simply withdrawing from the search before losing out on the job. Haney's perspective is interesting because he's a South Carolina beat writer and Tennessee alum.

And it's not like Holbrook's reported reason for not taking the job are that out there.

Holbrook interviewed Tuesday in Knoxville and informed UT officials this morning that, according to a source familiar with the situation, he did not feel comfortable enough with the school’s in-transition athletic department to remain interested in the job.

In fact, one of the more interesting aspects of this coaching search is how Tennessee managed to get such a qualified candidate with all the turmoil in Knoxville. One wonders how involved Mike Hamilton was.

Gene Chizik's Writewash
Maybe I'm mincing words here, but this is Gene Chizik in his new book:

"If we’d had any level of concern regarding Cameron’s eligibility, we would not have put him on the field and risked forfeiting games for playing an ineligible player."

This is reality:

Auburn ruled Newton ineligible five days before the Southeastern Conference championship game and immediately appealed to the NCAA, which restored his eligibility the next day.

Not that he spent too much time on the Newton thing. In terms of pages, the investigation makes up 0.7 percent of the memoir.

Jordan Jefferson might be average this year
Les Miles is confident about the quarterback's prospects in 2011.

"I think he will have his best season," Miles said. "There’s something about a senior season. That’s when a guy usually plays his best football and proves who he really is."

The cautionary note for LSU fans is that Jefferson might have already proven who he really is.

Too Big to Fail?
More school made money this year than last, and guess where schools that play football ended up in relation to those that don't.

Danny Wuerffel Receiving Treatment For Guillain-Barre Syndrome -
Best of luck to the former Florida quarterback and Desire Street Ministry.