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Sprints is Very Short and Baseball Heavy Today // 06.15.11

Headed back?
Headed back?

Jackie Bradley Jr. might play in the College World Series
It's hard to figure out how significant this news is for South Carolina. It's obviously going to be an emotional boost to have the key cog in the Gamecocks' 2010 run back for the 2011 event. But it takes baseball players a while to get back into the swing of things -- and Bradley was already having a tough time before the injury.

Tanner: 'We're going to do our best to keep [Holbrook}'
We can figure out that South Carolina baseball assistant coach Chad Holbrook is going to make more money next year. Whether it's continuing on Ray Tanner's staff or as the head coach at Tennessee -- that's the part that make take a few weeks to learn.

Baseball attendance numbers are smoke and mirrors at the college level
Just like they are at the professional level. And The Valley Shook dissects the numbers for LSU and the league as a whole.

More victims for when Mike inevitably escapes?
LSU is considering expanding Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge.

The Ohio State board of trustees might say something next week
Or they might not say anything at all. It depends on whether anyone can find the e-mail warning them about what needs to be said next week.