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Sprints Wonders How Many Players You Need to Sign to Find a Quarterback // 06.01.11

Houston Nutt has no problem with only oversigning by three
The Ole Miss head coach, who signed the entire Memphis metropolitan statistical area to his roster in 2009, doesn't like being viewed as a perfect example of why oversigning is wrong. But he will give up those extra scholarships when you pry them from his cold, dead hands.

"I think that’s unfair," Nutt said. "I get a lot of credit for that. But if you do your research you’ll find that was the only time I did that. I didn’t have any problem with the 28."

See, because it's the last nine oversigned players that make things really unfair -- not the fact that the practice is even allowed in the first place.

Best way to become a starting quarterback at Ole Miss: Sign elsewhere
Apparently, none of the 37 players in question were quarterbacks, or maybe they wouldn't need to keep signing other schools' signal-callers. Barry Brunetti would start in Oxford if the season began now, Houston Nutt said.

Soul searching in Oxford
Things have gotten so bad for Ole Miss -- apparently even worse than the Orgeron years -- that Rebels fans and beat writers are pondering whether this was the worst season for the team in recent history. There aren't many cut-and-dried answer in Kyle Veazey's novella on the topic, but it's an interesting read if you've got 15 or 20 minutes to devote to Ole Miss athletics.

Nick, the problem is that he wasn't cooperating to begin with
First of all, the only reason I come up with for Nick Saban saying this is that he's a Communist.

"I guess if you were in the military you would say we lost a fine comrade," Saban said of Tressel, who resigned Monday.

Second of all, it's clear that when Saban says he's unaware of "the whole details of his circumstances there," Saban means he hasn't been keeping up with the Ohio State situation at all. The soliloquy about cooperation between the NCAA and institutions is lovely and all, but it's not exactly appropriate when you talk about someone who resigned after lying to the Association.

Then again, maybe there's a reason he's being so nice
And Mark May is on the story:

Looking into the Mayday Crystal ball the Buckeye head football coach in 2013 will be Nick Sabenless than a minute ago via MogoTXT Favorite Retweet Reply


It's so weird that they also have a Nick Saben that coaches at Alabama. But, um, who's going to coach Ohio State in 2012? (HT: Blutarsky)

In which I agree with Bobby Petrino
Anyone who reads the blog knows that I'm not a fan, but when the man is right, the man is right.

Bobby Petrino on Sugar Bowl: 'We wanted to play their best players. No question I don't understand how they were eligible & never will.'less than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply


Petrino will surely leave a typewritten note at Tressel's desk to that effect. (HT: Blutarsky, who obviously spent more time on Twitter than I did yesterday)

And I'm sure having the fewest saves in the league had nothing to do with it
LSU pitching coach David Grewe has resigned COMPLETELY ON HIS OWN AND WITH NO SUCH SUGGESTION FROM HEAD COACH PAUL MAINIERI OR ANYONE ELSE. Which is why he spends half of his statement essentially saying that if the team succeeds, Grewe should get some of the credit.

Somebody hire this man to write for a major sports publication
On second thought, keep him where he is. John Infante brilliantly dissects the issues that arise when people decry the theory that athletics departments aren't profitable. (Or maybe they are; it's not clear.)

The problem is that some of those athletic departments would break even by shedding multiple sports and cutting administrative staff. Since the success of football and men’s basketball often drive revenue, cuts there could decrease opportunities to grow revenue, and thus keep the department afloat or improve competitiveness.

Those who think, for whatever illogical reason, that requiring athletics departments to be self-sufficient would lead to less emphasis on football or basketball miss the point. Modern-day FBS schools are going to have football and basketball programs; it's everything else that would end up on the chopping block.

Carl Torbush retires with prostate cancers
Currently at Kansas, Torbush served as defensive coordinator at three SEC West teams -- Ole Miss, Alabama and Mississippi State. Thoughts and prayers.