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Washaun Ealey Transferring From Georgia

Promising yet troubled running back Washaun Ealey has decided to transfer from Georgia. He's been given an unconditional release, which as it sounds means he can go wherever he wants to in I-A and only have to sit out one season.

Ealey had a nice freshman year for the Bulldogs in 2009, but he was inconsistent in 2010. He also has been suspended a couple of times by Mark Richt for a variety of reasons, keeping him from the good graces of the coaching staff for a while.

If it wasn't clear already, this development signifies that the starting running back role is incoming freshman Isaiah Crowell's to lose. Ealey, after all, had been the leading rusher for the Bulldogs last fall. Second-leading rusher Caleb King is returning, but he failed to take control of the position and has been in and out of the coaches' favor himself.

As to where Ealey might go, it's hard to say initially. He's from the state of Georgia, so there's not an obvious home state factor in where he might go. I know you're saying, "What about Georgia Tech?" He's been in Richt's pro-style offense and would have to make a big adjustment to play in Paul Johnson's flexbone. While he might end up a standout wherever he turns up, the chances unfortunately aren't too bad that he'll keep finding himself in trouble.