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The Ruffian Returns (Yet Again): Stephen Garcia Reinstated for South Carolina Workouts

The announcement that everyone knew was coming, at least if they had paid any attention to what actually caused Stephen Garcia's suspension and what Steve Spurrier had said in recent weeks, came Monday. Yes, Garcia will be back on the team "temporarily" and have a chance to take the field for South Carolina this fall.

"Stephen is returning to the team on a probationary basis and still has to do some things here for the next two or three months to prove himself worthy of being a student-athlete at South Carolina," said head coach Steve Spurrier. "We will give him another chance and hopefully he can do the right things and represent the University in a first-class manner."

There's a lot of back story here, much of it on the Web and thinly sourced if it's sourced at all. Suffice it to say that what Garcia apparently did was not enough to kick him off the team unless it was the straw that broke the camel's back, meaning that once he was only indefinitely suspended, it was a foregone conclusion that he would be back.

(As a South Carolina fan, I'll largely refrain from responding to some of the snarky comments I've seen. Though I would note that a certain former lineman turned analyst should probably refrain from tweeting a win at all costs remark until his team has gone an entire year without an arrest. Especially since Garcia isn't alleged to have broken any laws in the latest incidents, but I digress.)

The smart money is still on Garcia being under center when South Carolina tries to repeat as SEC East champions and perhaps bring home the first conference title in school history. Just like it always was.