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SEC Not Looking To Play Games on Sunday

With the NFL lockout back on indefinitely and the beginning of the regular season in doubt, more attention than ever is being paid to the possibility of college football being played on Sundays. Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott says his conference is "monitoring the situation" when asked about the possibility of subbing in for the NFL.

One conference that likely won't move any games is the SEC.

Larry Templeton, the SEC's consultant for television matters, told the Starkville Daily News that the vibe around the league office is not receptive to playing football on Sundays:

"I just don't believe the Southeastern Conference would consider a proposal that touches playing college football on either of those two days," Templeton said. "This conference has always maintained that in this part of the country Friday nights belongs to high school football and what Sunday represents for people goes without saying."    

Aside from whatever objections people have to football on the Sabbath, moving games at the last minute is a headache and a half. It affects fans' ability to attend games, fans' hotel reservations, the availability of stadium workers, and takes a day away from the following week's preparations for the team itself. Any games shifted to Sunday would necessarily be last-minute moves, of course, given that no one knows when the NFL's deadline for delaying the regular season is. 

For now, ESPN is holding its line that it expects the NFL labor negotiations to get worked out in time to preserve the entire regular season. Therefore, the network is not trying to move any games to Sunday just yet. If that time ever comes though, don't expect any SEC schools to be a part of those discussions.