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Sprints Agrees With Mark Richt, to an Extent // 05.16.11

Hairy agrees with Mark Richt on grayshirting. Blackshirting, they might want to stay away from ...
Hairy agrees with Mark Richt on grayshirting. Blackshirting, they might want to stay away from ...

A distinction without a difference?
Mark Richt on oversigning:

"I think that's an awful thing to do," Richt said. "It's nothing that we have ever done since we've been at Georgia."

Mark Richt on why things might be a bit more, well, gray when it comes to grayshirting:

"Not to say we haven't gray shirted, or talked to a kid about gray shirting, but if you tell five of those guys, hey, we've got 20 spaces, I can sign 25 and there's a good chance by the time school starts there will be room for you because of the attrition which seems to happen every year," Richt said. "We tell them if there's space for you, you come in with your class, if there's not, we ask, are you willing to come next January? They'll then say 'Coach, I understand it' and they are willing to do that. If you tell them on the front end, they understand that."

No matter what you think about oversigning -- and I happen to agree with Richt that it's awful -- the problem with the issue is that it's difficult to tell what, precisely, oversigning is. Is there really any difference between signing a kid you know might be grayshirted and telling him versus signing a kid you know might be grayshirted and not telling him? In either case, it seems, you're treating the rule book as something that has to be managed as opposed to something that has to be followed.

The easiest solution to this would be to allow a school to have only 85 scholarships and letters of intent outstanding -- period. None of the 25 nonsense that just gives programs an easy workaround.

But I guess Mark Emmert is too busy hosting Take Your Reporters to Enforcement days to worry about this.

When you're taking recruiting too seriously
When you're taking a recruiting "expert" to task for daring to comment on how some rankings are compiled because it speaks badly of your team's site.

Aaron Douglas had a scholarship offer before birth
I would say there's a Lane Kiffin joke to be made here, but the whole situation is too heartbreaking to laugh about it.

Nick Saban's eyes will turn you to stone, sir
Jim Tressel's lawyer appears to go out of his way to take a swing at a program close to a far easier target for now.

"Any program that's big is going to have issues," Marsh said Friday. "All you have to do is look at Tuscaloosa. If you're in this business, you're going to have issues."

Um, Opelika?

It'$ lucrative to be an a$$i$tant in the $EC
We've been over a lot of the basic information in this article before, but suffice it to say that assistant coaches in the SEC get paid particularly well. Especially Gene Chizik. (Rim shot, please.)

Tennessee wins SEC softball title
Which, given the direction in which the Vols' baseball team is headed, means they'll have some success playing a game with bats.

That was enough for the No. 14 seed
And Georgia, the team that lost the championship game, is seeded No. 6. That makes sense.

Chip Cosby is leaving?
Apparently so -- the Kentucky football writer for the Herald-Leader for the last decade is headed elsewhere. Trust me, the picture is worth the click. Best of luck to Cosby.