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Alabama OT Aaron Douglas Dead at 21

There's no good way to break news like this, but Alabama OT Aaron Douglas was found dead in Jacksonville, Florida this morning at age 21.

He started his career at Tennessee and earned freshman All-American honors in 2009. He chose to leave the program in 2010, partially because of battles with depression, and he then spent a year in junior college in Arizona. He then came back to the SEC by signing with Alabama in November of 2010, though he was arrested for DUI a month later.

Douglas was expected to contend for the starting left tackle spot, though injuries hampered his ability to practice this spring. By all accounts, he was a likable guy who had a bright future. The University of Alabama has not issued any statements yet because it is waiting for the police to finish its work and notify next of kin.

We don't have a cause of death yet. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.