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Ten Years of SEC First Round Draft Picks

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Last night, the SEC had 10 draft picks in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft, the most of any conference. In the last decade, that's not the high water mark for the conference, however. Here's how many first round picks the SEC has had each year over the last ten drafts:

Season No. of 1st Rd Picks
2007 11
2011 10
2005 10
2009 8
2010 7
2002 6
2004 6
2008 6
2003 4
2006 4


The Florida Gators had a pick in the first round for the fifth straight season, the longest streak of any team in the country. Tennessee's five-draft streak of having a first round pick ended. Alabama had four first round picks, the most of any school, and it helped the Crimson Tide climb in the standings of the number of first round picks in the last decade among the SEC schools:

School No. of 1st Rd Picks
Florida 10
LSU 10
Tennessee 10
Georgia 9
Auburn 8
Alabama 7
Arkansas 6
Ole Miss 5
South Carolina 3
Vanderbilt 2
Kentucky 1
Mississippi State 1


The split between offense and defense was nearly even, with 38 offensive players taken and 34 defensive players taken. The top positions selected were wide receiver and defensive tackle with 10 players apiece. Next were quarterback and cornerback with eight players apiece. Defensive end and running back are tied after them with seven each, offensive tackle had six, and linebacker had five. No other posiiton had at least five.

Finally, only two teams have not selected an SEC player in the last ten years: St. Louis and the New York Giants. The Giants famously made a draft day trade for Ole Miss QB Eli Manning, though. Here are the top ten SEC drafters over the last decade:

Team No. of SEC 1st Rd Picks
Denver 6
New Orleans 5
Cincinnati 4
Jacksonville 4
Kansas City 4
Atlanta 3
Green Bay 3
Miami 3
Oakland 3
Washington 3