Auburn Tied to Controversial Supplement Company


Yahoo!'s The Post Game is reporting that a number of Auburn players from last year's national title team used "golf chips" from a company called S.W.A.T.S last year. That company has been in hot water with the NFL over one of its other products, a performance enhancing drug made from deer antlers. These chips sound like 100% pure pseudo-scientific hogwash, purportedly working by focusing certain wavelengths of light at the acupuncture points you're supposed to affix them to. That then is supposed to help keep your energy up and substitute for potassium or something. They're described as using "homeopathic mechanisms," and homeopathy has never been proven to help or cure anything. Zac Etheridge introduced them to the team, believing that they were responsible for his remarkable recovery from a neck injury. This, rather than the fact that he was young, in peak physical condition, and receiving the nearly unlimited medical care that top I-A football players get. Alabama players have previously used them, but the school told S.W.A.T.S. to stay away from its players in 2009. To be clear, nothing in these holographic placebos is illegal, as no batches independently tested contain the deer antler compound. Still, this company brazenly sells snake oil , and the NFL has warned coaches and players to stay away from it. I would hope Auburn disassociates from it too.