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Six Classic Sugar Bowl Games

The folks over at the Sugar Bowl, who already have a superb history section on their website, have been kind enough to post a heap of classic contests over at their YouTube stream. These include the '62, '63, '69, '70, '75 and '80 contests in New Orleans.

Unlike the usual highlight films, these are actually stripped down film of the entire games. The editing doesn't make it exactly real-time but you get a much better sense of the flow of the game. The quality certainly isn't high-def either but it's more than good enough to make out the action on the field.

The result it you can get a much better sense of the overall games. That gives you a peek into the strategies of legendary coaches like Alabama's Paul Bryant, Georgia's Vince Dooley, Ole Miss' Johnny Vaught and Arkansas' Frank Broyles and Lou Holtz. It's also a great opportunity to see players like Ole Miss' Archie Manning, Alabama's Pat Trammel and Arkansas' Chuck Dicus do their stuff.

The 1980 Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Arkansas

The rest are after the jump...

The 1975 Sugar Bowl: Alabama v. Penn State


The 1970 Sugar Bowl: Ole Miss v. Arkansas


The 1969 Sugar Bowl: Arkansas v. Georgia


The 1963 Sugar Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Arkansas


The 1962 Sugar Bowl: Alabama v. Arkansas