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Sprints Doubts How Authentic the Cam Newton Tape Is // 03.04.11

We're still waiting on the John Bond tape about the Newtons
You've almost certainly heard the tape of "Cecil Newton" talking about how much money it would take to get Cam Newton to go to Auburn. Such a tape might exist, but the one you've heard is not the one John Bond has promised to release.

"The tape is not authentic," Bond’s attorney told The Clarion-Ledger via e-mail. "It is a fake."

And if there's anyone we can trust in this whole matter, it's the man who wants us to believe he innocently listened as Cecil Newton asked him to commit a major NCAA infraction.

Auburn spent almost $3 million on championship game
The school ended up losing more than $600,000, which is several Cam Newtons' worth of cash.

What, no Cam?
EA Sports is considering putting Nick Fairley on the cover of NCAA Football 12. Stop and think about that for a moment: A player that almost every non-Auburn fan in the SEC considers a cheap-shot artist is the less controversial team star that a video game company can find.

Aaron Murray leaving other sports off his menu
That should come as welcome news to Georgia fans, for whom Murray was the one bright spot in an otherwise dismal 2010.

Oregon under investigation
Year2 has the basic outline -- and what it means for the SEC -- here.