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Sprints Is In March Madness Mode With All Basketball Stories // 03.28.11

Let's celebrate with a house party! On second thought ...
Cuonzo Martin -- and we should note here that between Cuonzo Martin and Jadeveon Clowney, we're going to have a fun time with spelling at TSK for the next few years -- has been hired to be the head coach at Tennessee. Rocky Top Talk has thoughts:

But given the circumstances in Knoxville with the NCAA investigation, it's also very possible that Martin is as good as we could do right now -- and it's equally possible that Martin can win here.

Well, glad to see they're enthusiastic about it.

Martin is a cancer survivor
There can never be enough of those -- as long as "survivor" is part of the description.

The demise of Bruce Pearl -- Or, All the Evidence You Needed that Tennessee Has the Worst AD Anywhere
About the best compliment you can give a writer is that you don't have any particular interest in the topic he's writing about -- but the piece kept your interest anyway. That's the way it was with Mike Griffith's article about the end of Bruce Pearl's time in Tennessee.

One more thing: The article should remove any doubts that Mike Hamilton should be immediately fired as athletics director in Knoxville. I doubt there is anyone who pays close attention to the SEC who doesn't believe that already, but in case there is, I would refer you to the section titled "Change Of Direction."

Wait a minute -- Kentucky is located in Morgantown?
When the newspaper headline adds "no arrests made" to its description of a post-win celebration, you know a good time was had by all. Now, if only the same can be said when Kentucky's Final Four berth is retroactively vacated for something that head coach and noted humanitarian John Calipari KNEW ABSOLUTELY, POSTIVELY NOTHING ABOUT.

He's joking -- right?
Apparently, a South Carolina basketball player has decided he also wants to play for one of the teams coached by someone who knows how to win games. Which brings us to this gem from Steve Spurrier:

"If any of our football players, Alshon, Stephon, Marcus, Jadeveon, want to play basketball or any other sport, they have my blessing to do that," Spurrier said.

The thought of Jadeveon Clowney playing basketball has to be both amusing and terrifying to opposing players. I believe he is what they would call a "physical presence" in basketball-type discussions.