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Tennessee, USC Receive NCAA Notice of Allegations

Tennessee has received its Notice of Allegations from the NCAA today, which is right on schedule according to expectations.

The worst of it, also as expected, is in regards to the basketball program under Bruce Pearl. Impermissible contacts and phone calls are the large order, but the NCAA charges Pearl with "acting contrary to the principles of ethical conduct, failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance, and failure to monitor the activities regarding compliance of all assistant coaches within the men's basketball program."

It also alleges that three members of the basketball staff didn't give up "full and complete information" to the investigation, which I gather is like the NCAA equivalent of obstruction of justice. Furthermore, the entire athletics department was slapped with a failure to monitor charge over the 96 impermissible phone calls from the basketball staff.

On the football side, there are also allegations of improper contacts and phone calls from the Lane Kiffin "era." It specifically charges Kiffin with "failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance within the football program and failure to monitor the activities regarding compliance of several assistant coaches."

USC has received a Notice of Allegations regarding Kiffin's time at Tennessee, but for now both he and USC AD Pat Haden are issuing no comments. It appears that, for once, the consequences of breaking rules are actually going to follow a coach from one place to another.

The baseball team had been mentioned in the original NCAA Letter of Inquiry, but the Notice of Allegations leaves out the team entirely.