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Florida, Urban Meyer Cut Ties to Avoid NCAA Violations

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Urban Meyer is no longer a paid employee of the University of Florida. The NCAA apparently contacted UF shortly after the news broke that Meyer signed a contract to do TV work at ESPN, and that led to the decision for Meyer to no longer receive a paycheck from the university.

With Meyer doing TV coverage today, he could have committed any number of violations when talking about recruits both unsigned and signed. By no longer officially working for UF, he could speak freely about anyone.

The position Meyer was filling at Florida was nebulous from the start, as it was described as a sort of consultant or fundraising job. He had an office, but he said he wouldn't work there unless he was asked by someone to come in. It all seemed very strange, and it probably would have been awkward for new coach Will Muschamp to work with the old coach still around no matter how much the two men insisted it wouldn't be.