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NCAA Investigation Into Auburn Expands Beyond Cam Newton

According to's Thayer Evans, the NCAA's investigation into Auburn's recruiting practices has expanded beyond just Cam Newton.

A little over a month ago, Evans did a report on Auburn's recruiting success in Thibodaux, Louisiana. It largely centered around street agent Sean Nelson and his involvement in the recruiting of Trovon Reed (a 2010 Auburn signee) and Greg Robinson (a 2011 Auburn signee). It didn't outright accuse anyone of anything, though it didn't paint a very flattering picture of those involved to say the least.

Evans is now reporting that the NCAA interviewed former Thibodaux High School coach Dennis Lorio (who resigned in December), and that Lorio is saying that Robinson and his mother got a visit from the NCAA as well. Evans' article described above mentions the allegation of Robinson having received an iPhone and cash on his visit to Auburn, something all parties involved deny. Lorio says he say Robinson showing off the phone and cash shortly after his trip to the plains.

Lorio wasn't sure if Nelson had been interviewed by the NCAA, but given that it asked him about Nelson, it's likely that investigators at least gave him a call. He also claims no knowledge of any wrongdoing in Reed's or Robinson's recruitment as he wasn't involved much in the process.

While the details of the story aren't really anything new, the big takeaway is that the NCAA is no longer just looking into Cam Newton's recruitment. It has expanded the case and begun investigating other players' recruitment as well.