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Weslye Saunders Eligible for NFL Draft After All

First, Wesley Saunders was declared ineligible for the NFL Draft after some of his paperwork ended up missing. His only prospects then were to be picked up in the supplemental draft.

Saunders and his agent are now calling that a "miscommunication," and Saunders is now not only going to the draft but the combine as well. That's quite a turnaround for a guy who needed it, as he's not had the best luck in the past year. Not that going to and staying at an agent-funded party, getting an illegal-to-the-NCAA discount on hotel bills, or lying to coaches is exactly "bad luck" per se.

Hopefully Saunders will use this turn of events to help turn things around for him personally. Sitting out the 2010 season wasn't a great career move, nor was nearly missing this year's draft. Perhaps this is the start of him starting over.