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Charlie Weis to Kansas; What Does Florida Do Now?

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'Hey, Will, can you show me where Lawrence is on this map?'
'Hey, Will, can you show me where Lawrence is on this map?'

Is it good to lose a not-so-successful coordinator after the first year of a new coaching regime? Or is it bad to have all the deck chairs overturned just as your decided schematic advantage is taking hold?

We know very little right now about what comes after Charlie Weis leaves Florida's offensive coordinator job to be the head coach at Kansas. Sure, we know that running backs coach Brian White will call the plays in the Gator Bowl against Ohio State. And we know that Will Muschamp is sticking to his guns on the general philosophy for his team.

Muschamp says #Gators will hire somebody similar to Weis schematically, will remain a pro-style offense.
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The fact is that Charlie Weis actually did nudge Florida up the ranks of SEC offenses, ever so slightly. The Gators went from 10th in total offense in 2010 to eighth this year. (In fairness to Weis' critics, they gained about 15 fewer yards per game, which might just mean Florida didn't get as much worse as some of the other offenses in the league.) And the passing offense actually picked up a few yards to move from 10th to fifth.

But Weis scored more than 20 points twice after September -- and one of those games was the cupcake infusion against Furman, which started badly for Florida. Offense alone didn't cause the 2-6 skid that ended Florida's season -- allowing a combined 79 points against Alabama and LSU helped a bit -- but with the numbers that Weis was putting on the board, it would have taken a Herculean effort by Muschamp's defense to bail them out.

Who does Florida call? Your guess is as good as mine. There are a few head coaches that are looking for jobs, and any number of NFL and college coordinators who will be looking for a landing place or a step up.

Whoever takes the job will likely find that the second year of the Will Muschamp Era is going to be a lot longer than the second year of the Urban Meyer Era. And with Steve Spurrier finally gaining his footing in Columbia and a resurgent Georgia, you have to wonder how much time Muschamp has to catch up.