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Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl Preview: BYU, Tulsa Play in Obscurity

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl, December 30, 12 p.m. ET, ESPN

What it is: The second-most prestigious bowl commemorating a defense contractor

The Sponsor: They make helicopters. Duh

The Teams: BYU and Tulsa

How BYU got here: With a so-so inaugural season as an independent. BYU defeated a slate of largely awful teams, got walloped by Utah, beaten soundly by TCU and edged by Texas and turned that into a 9-3 record and a bowl game invitation. It's a nice set-up if you can get it. Despite a quarterback merry-go-round that saw a highly touted quarterback bolt for Kansas while a former gunner runs the offense, the Cougars averaged 410.8 yards a game on offense. The defense was solid -- the kind that might have been the best in BYU's conference if, you know, they had a conference. How much any of that means against a schedule that featured a 2-2 record against BCS teams -- two wins against terrible ones and two losses against decent ones -- is an open question.

How Tulsa got here: By beating everyone in Conference USA this side of Southern Miss and Houston. The Hurricanes never faced the Eagles and lost to the Cougars, but piled up a 7-1 record in league play. They also lost to each of the BCS teams they played -- by 33 to Oklahoma and 26 to Oklahoma State, not to mention a 20-point waxing opposite Boise State. Ja'Terian Douglas and Trey Watts led a rushing attack that churned out 204.6 yards a game, while G.J. Kinne did his part at quarterback to help the Hurricanes eclipse 454.4 yards a game. Defense optional.

College football fans care because: Really, it's the noon game on a day full of bowls on a weekday. It's okay if you don't.

SEC fans care because: We can all remember that Ole Miss lost to BYU and laugh.

Watch this game if...: You don't have to work on Friday like most of us.

The result: Tulsa 23, BYU 13