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Merry Christmas 2011

It's always been fitting that Christmas comes close to New Year's. After all, for Christians, the holiday has always been about a renewal and restart for humanity's relationship with God -- a second chance given to us to get it right. Even for those who celebrate the day for other reasons, there's something about the themes of gift-giving and evergreen and family that suggest a clean slate, an opportunity to leave behind the year that was and begin to prepare for the one that will soon be.

Perhaps it's even more fitting this year, as our nation leaves Iraq and prepares to wind down the surge in Afghanistan. It has been a long ten years for our country, and there is no better antidote for the current malaise than once again seeing the thousands of men and women begin to come home. They have given us one of the greatest gifts a human can give to another by serving; and now, they represent yet another great gift in their return.

We are also close to a new start in the SEC. There are new members coming on board in 2012, even if the schedule that accommodates them looks likely to cause some people to want to rush out on Monday for a refund. For now, let's just enjoy the new presents that are on their way in the way of new rivalries and new excitement.

So Merry Christmas from us at TSK to you and yours. And the best of luck on your new start.