Listing of Schools Trying to Override the NCAA's $2000 Stipend


The fifth page of this PDF contains the start of the list of the 109 institutions that have voted to override the NCAA's proposed $2000 stipend for full scholarship athletes. Most of the objections boil down to "we can't afford it", though many point out that there's no reason to pass it as emergency legislation without full deliberation (as the NCAA tried to do). The institutions that play I-A football that voted to slow down the process and debate more on the stipend are Army, Boise State, Bowling Green, East Carolina, Marshall, Miami (OH), Rice Rutgers, Utah State, and Wake Forest. Rutgers and Wake are the only BCS conference schools objecting, with both disputing it largely on gender equity/Title IX grounds. Rutgers also brings up the inability of some programs to afford it, and it's no wonder with it being one of the most unprofitable athletics programs in the country.

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