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TSK Bowl Pick 'Em Game

What kind of a college football blog would we be if we didn't have a bowl picks game? Not a very good one. (I guess we might not be a very good one anyway, but that's your preference.)

In any case, we have one now, and you can access it with an ESPN account and by clicking here. And yes, we're using the dreaded confidence picks this year. C'mon, it adds a degree of suspense to the exercise and keeps more people in the game longer.

So go and sign up. You've got until before Saturday's games to make sure you select all of them. And, yes, Purdue is actually in a bowl game this year. I'm not going to lie; I also kind of did a double-take at that.

NEW AND KIND OF IMPORTANT: The password is secspeed. Probably should have mentioned that to begin with.