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SEC Football Topics for Discussion: Week 10

I don't think that the Alabama marching band is eager for a rematch.
I don't think that the Alabama marching band is eager for a rematch.

Blah blah rematch blah blah? Do I really need to put a question here, or can I just mention the word rematch and let you guys sound off? After all, we all know that this was always going to be the question if the Game of the Century was close. And the Game of the Century was close, a 9-6 score decided in overtime after a series of field goal attempts by Alabama that made some of my old golf drives look great by comparison. We'll ask an actual game-related question in a minute, but let's go ahead with the issue of a rematch and whether anything that happened Saturday night changed your mind.

Did Nick Saban get outcoached? Think about it a minute -- why did Saban send his short-distance kicker in to try a relatively long field goal? Why did he continue calling for field goals when his team showed a complete inability to kick them? Meanwhile, Les Miles actually seemed to do a decent job of managing the game, though he almost had a clock meltdown at the end of the first half. And when he needed to play it relatively close to the vest in overtime and I was certain he was going to do something like call a fade to the end zone, Miles instead was conservative enough to win the game.

Are you watching the SEC East Championship Game(s) this weekend? Barring an upset of Georgia by Kentucky next week -- a prospect I think we can all agree seems pretty far-fetched at the moment -- the Dawgs can all but sew up the SEC East with a win against Auburn at home. South Carolina, meanwhile, will be facing off with Florida at home to keep alive their division hopes and the chances of the program's first 10-win season since the Reagan Administration. Do those matchups interest you, or are you going to find something to watch among the following list: Alabama at Mississippi State, Tennessee at Arkansas, Kentucky at Vanderbilt, LSU vs. Western Kentucky and Ole Miss vs. Louisiana Tech?

Rumors, Part I: Is Houston Nutt still gainfully employed by Ole Miss? The Rebel Black Bears were beaten pretty thoroughly Saturday by Kentucky, a team that most SEC Power Poll voters were certain was the worst in the SEC. So, does that mean Houston Nutt's already combustible seat went thermonuclear, leaving him without a job before the season ends? That was the rumor already bouncing through the Interwebs and the Twitters by late Saturday. Nutt didn't sound like a man who thought he was going to hold onto his job when it was framed as a question about whether he would be back next season (an idea that as this point seems almost farcical):

I don’t know. I don’t know. That’s not for me to decide. I’d like to be. I plan on being. But that’s not for me to decide.

There's the little matter of a Wall Street-size buyout if Ole Miss wants to show Nutt the door, but Shepherd Smith will probably be willing to pay it at this rate.

Rumors, Part II: Missouri will be announced as the SEC's 14th member this week -- We mean it this time! It wouldn't be a week of college football without conference realignment rumors. (Actually, how about we put that idea to the test and go a whole week without some kind of realignment news or rumors. Any takers?) In any case, the latest started with the Sporting News, which has an -- um -- uneven track record when it comes to reporting what will and won't happen vis a vis the SEC. But then, ESPN got it, and we'll assume that the sources is not TSN since the bylined reporter is not Joe Schad. Anything new in the reports? Well, confirmation of the possibility of an SEC network that would largely house non-conference games, the idea of moving the Tigers to the transcontinental SEC East to avoid disrupting Auburn-Alabama-Tennessee -- no, not really.