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SEC 2011 Bowl Projections: Not Too Much Movement In Our Final Official Edition

A look at where your team is likely to end up in the postseason. This does differ from our weekly bowl-seeding exercise during the BCS standings posts in one way: I'm projecting more based on who I think is likely to win a conference or come in at a particular place. We'll do a brief update shortly after all the games Saturday.

BCS National Championship Game: LSU vs. Alabama
We've been over this one enough, right.

Capital One: Arkansas vs. Michigan State
The shellacking last week could make the Hogs more likely to end up in Dallas with the Dawgs going here -- but we'll keep them in this spot until we see how Georgia does.

Outback: Georgia vs. Michigan
Right now, Michigan is not eligible for an at-large bid. I think it's still an uphill climb for them, and they end up here against Georgia. The Outback is mildly crazy and could go with South Carolina here or do something bizarre like offering the SEC spot to Missouri before realizing the Tigers aren't technically an SEC team yet. But this is the projection for the moment.

Cotton: South Carolina vs. Baylor
Kansas State could be a strong contender for this spot, but for now I think the Cotton sticks with a team from Texas and the RG3 effect.

Chick-fil-A: Auburn vs. Florida State
I'm starting to think that the Chick-fil-A will not go with the home team and doesn't want a disappointed Clemson fan base. They go with the Seminoles.

Gator: Florida vs. Nebraska
I can see the Insight Bowl either going with the Huskers to set up a Big 12-vs.-former-Big 12 matchup or avoiding them for the same reason. For now, I think the Insight goes in another direction. However, I'm not aware of whether the B1G has a "within one game" rule, and Ohio State is bowl eligible and will likely be on the board.

Music City: Vanderbilt vs. Virginia
Georgia Tech could get this spot if the Chick-fil-A Bowl doesn't take it, but I'm thinking that the Virginia fan base will be seen as more likely to travel after a bowl drought.

Liberty: Mississippi State vs. Southern Miss
The Liberty ends up with Missisippi State against Southern Miss. Again, I'm interested to see what happens if Houston annihilates Southern Miss in the Conference USA Championship Game, but I'm getting more skeptical of Tulsa getting into this game.