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SEC Football Topics For Discussion: The Championship Game, the New Hot Seats and Bowl Destinations

LSU and Georgia: Who do you got? I guess we could just ask you what the margin will be, but maybe a few of you think that the Dawgs have a chance to pull the upset and tip over the entire BCS apple cart. So we'll go with a two-part question: Which team do you think will win the SEC title bout in Atlanta this week? And by how much?

Rematch blah blah question here? Should there be a rematch in the national title game if the Bayou Bengals do manage to get out of the Georgia Dome undefeated? Should there be a rematch in the national title game if the Bayou Bengals don't manage to get out of the Georgia Dome undefeated? And is there anything Oklahoma State can do next week  that would convince you to move the Pokes ahead of either Alabama, a one-loss LSU, or both?

Hotter seat next year: Derek Dooley or Will Muschamp? How many years do you think Muschamp gets to turn around the issues he's got? And what about Dooley's Year 0/Year 1 model and what fans are expecting in 2012? There's an interesting issue to grapple with related to how much each man inherited and how many of the problems are really self-inflicted. But we know that Muschamp is leading one of the least patient fan bases in the SEC, and even the relatively staid programs' alumni are getting quicker to pull the trigger.

Does Joker Phillips get another year now? There were rumblings from some corners of the Kentucky fan base that it might be time to get rid of the Wildcats longtime head-coach-in-waiting-turned-head-coach, but he did something Saturday that no Kentucky coach in 26 years has been able to do when he beat Tennessee. Suddenly, it looks like Cap'n Leach's chance to pilot the HMS Kentucky if he so chose might have walked the plank. And what impact would Kentucky giving Phillips another year have on the head-coaching search in Oxford?

Who wants to do some bowl projections? Ours will come out Monday or Tuesday as usual, but we'll give you a chance to take the wheel first. You can do it one of two ways: Who do you think the bowls will take? or Who would you pick for each bowl if you were on the selection committees? Remember that your eligible teams from the SEC are Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Mississippi State, South Carolina and Vanderbilt.

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