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Ballotry: C&F Tries to Muddle Through Half of a BlogPoll Ballot

I'm trying to get this up earlier this week because I've been staring at it for hours and I know I got several things wrong. So I need your help to unscramble the whole thing. That's what the comments section is for on this one.

Your resume chart. Click on it if you want to be able to read along, which is probably going to be helpful in this exercise.


The first three are easy enough to understand, and I think Oklahoma State is about a mortal lock at No. 4. It's after that where I start to get a little less certain. Boise State's Georgia win just keeps looking better, while Oregon's Stanford win got offset a bit with their second loss. Michigan State is probably way too high, but I'm not sure who I would move past them. The same is probably true of Wisconsin.

Georgia's signature win is still at home against a team that has just one win on the road, and the head-to-head against South Carolina continues to be a problem. (They also have a better MOV against just two of the common opponents with South Carolina, which matters more in a resume ballot than it might on some others.) Southern Cal and Baylor might be wildly overrated, but I hate to reward Houston for playing in a terrible league and having not taken on any of the heavy hitters in that conference yet.

Am I that wrong about Virginia Tech? I'm just trying to figure out a rationale for ranking them higher with that schedule, and I can't come up with one. I guess I could just be undervaluing the fact that they have only one loss, but name a team above them that would have more than one loss on the schedule.

I don't think the rest should be terrible controversial, though Clemson fans will probably say I'm vastly underranking them -- I welcome anyone who can put together an argument that I'm being a homer. The last thing I want to do is overrate South Carolina and underrate Clemson going into the game against them, so I'm game for any argument to move the Tigers up a bit.

And no other teams were considered this week except the Top 25. I just couldn't find anyone else who even passed an initial look at the schedule. Let me know if I'm missing someone.

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