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Arkansas' Garrett Uekman Found Dead

RIP, Garrett Uekman (No. 88)
RIP, Garrett Uekman (No. 88)

There's really no easy way to deal with the news except to note that a life has ended far too soon and at what seems like the cruelest possible time: Arkansas tight end Garrett Uekman was reportedly found dead in his dorm room this morning. The report comes from Arkansas television reporter Adam Alter.

BREAKING NEWS: Razorback football player Garrett Uekman found dead this morning in Fayetteville. More details as we learn them.
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Arkansas' athletics department hasn't exactly confirmed the report, but what a spokesman told USA Today comes close enough.

Arkansas media relations official Zack Higbee wrote in an email to USA TODAY that he will not confirm the report or issue a statement "until family (has been) properly informed."

The fact that it's days before one of the biggest games in Arkansas' history seems both insignificant and all the more heartbreaking. A young man was cut down by something in his prime, and will not be able to take the field with his teammates as they face one of the most important tests of their lives.

It brings some sort of perspective to the events on the field. But you can't help but wonder if there wasn't some easier way for us to learn that lesson.

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