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SEC Football Topics for Discussion: The BCS, End-of-Game Debacles and Woo Pig Sooie

Can it get any crazier?
Can it get any crazier?

All fall down. Beginning with the Oklahoma State-Iowa State game on Friday and continuing through Saturday, most of the BCS Top 7 lost this weekend. The only exceptions? LSU, Alabama and Arkansas. So how do we untangle the mess that was made of college football in a little over 24 hours? Is there any way now to not back a rematch if LSU and Alabama manage to win out? And consider this scenario if you really want to think about a "world is burning" setup: LSU loses to Arkansas, Alabama is upset by Auburn, and Georgia wins the SEC Championship Game against Arkansas.

How would you rank the Top 10 this week? Let's get some of the BlogPoll input on the front end this week and ask you to rank the Top 10. (We won't ask you to go to 25 unless you really want to; trust me, it's harder than it looks.) Would you put the SEC teams in 1-2-3 order? Who comes next? And what do you do with Boise, Houston and TCU?

Arkansas-LSU: Who you got? As I said on Twitter in the late Saturday-early Sunday time frame: Anyone familiar with the history of this game has to be slightly concerned that it's the only thing that stands between us and a total meltdown. So do you think the Arkansas offense can get the needed yardage against the LSU defense? And can LSU keep up if the Hogs manage to turn it into a shootout?

It was necessary to destroy the end of the game in order to save it. One of the things that almost got lost in the mayhem Saturday night was the absolute botching of the end of the Vanderbilt-Tennessee game. To recap: It's overtime and Vanderbilt gets the ball first. Jordan Rodgers throws a pick that is returned for a touchdown. But wait: I and several other people thought we heard a whistle before the return, even though the return man's knee clearly (on replay) did not touch the ground. So the play was reviewed and the interception for a touchdown was ruled to count. So the refs got the play right, right? Well ...

"On the last play of the Vanderbilt-Tennessee game, in overtime, the Tennessee defender intercepted the pass, his knee did not touch the ground and he returned the interception for a touchdown. During the play, the head linesman incorrectly ruled that the Tennessee player's knee was down when he intercepted the pass by blowing his whistle and giving the dead ball signal. The play was reviewed as if there was no whistle on the field and as a result, overturned the incorrect ruling. By rule, if there was a whistle blown, the play is not reviewable."

Yes, that's the SEC saying its crew reviewed an unreviewable play. So who do you think got a worse deal here: Vanderbilt with the play being reviewed incorrectly and ruled correctly, or Tennessee had the play been correctly not reviewed and ruled incorrectly?

Finally, the Woo Pig Sooie. It would have to happen this weekend. Just so any LSU fans that might see this won't get upset: Yes, I have to sign all my posts beginning with Sunday's "Woo Pig Sooie." I made a guarantee back before the season, and I don't make a habit of breaking promises. I'll consult with Year2 about the banner at the top of the page, because that's kind of joint property (and he's written the last several that have appeared up there), but the signature is non-negotiable. It's not a sign of rooting loyalties in Friday's games, because I've rarely made a habit of revealing rooting loyalties unless they are obvious. But it will be there.