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SEC Power Poll Results for Week 11: Stuck


1. LSU Tigers, 108 points (9 first-place votes)
2. Alabama Crimson Tide, 99
3. Arkansas Razorbacks, 89
4. Georgia Bulldogs, 82
5. South Carolina Gamecocks, 71
6. Auburn Tigers, 64
7. Florida Gators, 52
8. Vanderbilt Commodores, 44
9. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 38
10. Tennessee Volunteers, 26
11. Kentucky Wildcats, 20
12. Mississippi Rebels, 9

Every team ends up in the exact same position in our poll that they were last week. Sure, a couple of votes and margin might have changed, but nobody's going anywhere. That's not likely to change after a largely blah schedule this weekend.



Considering how Nick Saban usually reacts the weekend after he's lost a game, only beating Mississippi State by 17 seemed downright neighborly.--SBN Atlanta

All right, show of hands. Who here won a conference road game this weekend? Keep ‘em up high while we count.--Dawg Sports


Sealclubbing Tennessee is no great achievement. We'll see if they don't come to paint in Baton Rouge in a couple of weeks.--Get the Picture

Saturday was payback for that Clint Stoerner fumble back in 1998.--Dawg Sports


Gus Malzahn sure looked a lot smarter when Cam Newton was taking the snaps.--Get the Picture

Way to play for pride against one of your biggest rivals. If that's a sign, Bama's gonna beat Auburn by 50 points.--And The Valley Shook


Raise your hand if you ever thought Florida would be sweating bowl eligibility all the way up until a Week 12 game against Furman. Yeah, my hand's not up, either.--SBN Atlanta

HOORAY FOR FIELD GOALS. Worst SEC record since 1979.--Hog Database


I had to delete the rough draft I had written of Richt's professional obituary.--And The Valley Shook

So since Mark Richt is now safe, does that mean that we Rebels can get Kirby Smart now?--Red Cup Rebellion


I guess that makes Joker Phillips the first black SEC head coach to lose to another black SEC head coach.--Get the Picture

Losing 38-8 to Vanderbilt was Kentucky's way of saying that while they're terrible at most aspects of football, they're money on two-point conversions.--SBN Atlanta


The Tigers beat Western Kentucky (42-9) a little more handily than Kentucky did (14-3). Maybe that's what separates the top from the bottom of the conference in Muschamp's mind.--Get the Picture

Fans are flipping out over a 33 point blowout win on the heels of an emotionally and physically draining game. The bar has been raised.--And The Valley Shook


Lost to a Louisiana school so badly they pulled their starters in the fourth quarter ... perfect practice for the LSU game.--And The Valley Shook

Houton Nutt loves to remind Ole Miss fans about how, before 2009, it had been 50 years since the Rebs went to back-to-back NYD bowls. Well, Coach, might I remind you that it's been 65 years since the Rebs last lost to LA Tech?--Red Cup Rebellion


Mississippi State still can't figure out what they want to do. Horrible mess that Mullen has created.--Hog Database

Dan Mullen should've taken the Florida job. Then he wouldn't be stuck at .500 overall with a losing record in conference play. Oh, wait ...--Dawg Sports


Sweep the East but no cigar.--Leftover Hot Dog

This team is continuing to win in November, despite the loss of key players. How often has that been said of South Carolina?--Dawg Sports


In the preseason, I doubt even the most pessimistic Vol fan saw a first-ever 0-6 start in conference play and UT opening as a one-point dog at home to Vanderbilt coming.--Get the Picture

Even the orange pants can not help in 2011.--Leftover Hot Dog


What's more bizarre: The fact that the Commodores are favored by a point over Tennessee in Knoxville, or the fact that it feels like it should be more?--SBN Atlanta

The Commies officially pounded the ‘Cats straight into basketball season, which is odd, because Cleveland State officially pounded Vandy straight out of basketball season.--Dawg Sports