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Ballotry: C&F's Halves of the BlogPoll and SEC Power Poll Ballot


We're getting to the point where I don't have much to say on a team-by-team basis about the BlogPoll ballot, so I'll show you the chart and hit some highlights.


4 Arkansas: Yeah, call me an SEC homer, but I think that Arkansas has so far proven more than any other one-loss team in the nation. Oklahoma? Call me when you can defeat an awful Texas Tech at home, and you can complain. 14 Boise State: They've defeated one impressive team, the usual pastry shop that comprises the conference schedule, and then lost the first home game in 500 years to TCU. No, I'm not impressed. 15 Houston: If they destroy Southern Miss like they've destroyed everyone else, we can talk about Top 10. 22 Virginia: Yeah, I ranked the Cavaliers. Find someone more deserving if you're going to complain. And I really didn't want to rank the final team on the ballot, but I'm not really sure the events of the last couple of weeks should count against a team. On the other hand, I can't say for sure that it had nothing to do with it.


SEC Power Poll:

1. LSU
Yada yada yada

2. Alabama
Pulled away from Mississippi State after the post-LSU hangover wore off

3. Arkansas

4. Georgia
Where the heck has that been the last three years?

5. South Carolina
If Lattimore were still starting every day, this team might very well be better than it was last year. It might be anyway. But Lattimore isn't still starting every day, and there's actually another team good enough in the SEC East to beat the other terrible teams in the division.

6. Auburn
When there's a three-team "so-and-so beat so-and-so beat so-and-so" tie, the team that got clocked by 38 points loses.

7. Florida
Basically, you have switched places with South Carolina for the last two seasons. The rest of the SEC East wouldn't mind if you extended that for a while.

8. Vanderbilt
Congratulations -- you now know what it feels like to annihilate another SEC team. If Kentucky counts as an SEC team this year.

9. Mississippi State
Remember all those people who thought Dan Mullen had turned a corner in Starkville? Yeah, we look pretty stupid right about now.

10. Tennessee

11. Kentucky

12. Ole Miss
Houston Nutt might very well manage to make the people of Oxford forget about the Orgeron. An accomplishment, that.