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SEC Football Topics for Discussion: Joe Adams is Awesome, Ole Miss is Dreadful, and Bowl Season is Close

What do you think about this punt return? Mostly, we just wanted a place to stick this video, but we had to ask a question first. Heregoes:

How bad is Ole Miss? For those of you who weren't aware, and there was really no reason for any non-Ole Miss fan to keep track of this game at this point, the Rebels lost to Louisiana Tech on Saturday. By 20. It got so bad, Louisiana Tech literally took at least some of its starters -- including the quarterback -- out of the game. Apologies to Ole Miss fans, but that is now my favorite moment of the 2011 college football season. In any case, really, do you think that Ole Miss reconsiders it's decision to let Houston Nutt finish the year out? Because there's not a whole lot else they can do at this point.

Which team(s) that is (are) in contention to be bowl eligible will NOT make it? We've got 5-5 Florida (which still has games against Furman and Florida State), 5-5 Mississippi State (games at Arkansas and against Ole Miss left on the schedule), 5-5 Vanderbilt (at Tennessee, at Wake Forest), 4-6 Kentucky (at Georgia, against Tennessee) and 4-6 Tennessee (against Vanderbilt and at Kentucky). In case you haven't figured this part out, one of your answers must be Kentucky or Tennessee, if for no other reason than one of them is guaranteed to get its seventh loss in their faceoff with each other.

Bowl projections. You're the Capital One, the Cotton and the Outback bowls. Let's assume that the season goes as planned and LSU beats Georgia in the SEC Championship Game to go to the BCS National Championship Game and Alabama heads to the Sugar Bowl. Capital One gets the next selection period, followed by the Cotton and then the Outback -- as long as the Cotton takes an SEC West team and the Outback an SEC East team. If one of them wants to take a team from the other division, they have to either arrange a trade or let the other bowl go first. With all that in mind, whom do you as the Cap One, Cotton and Outback take? (Your likely candidates are Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina, Auburn and Florida.)

What games are you watching next week? I'm not going to say it's a dismal SEC slate -- but the CBS game is Arkansas at Mississippi State, and there's not even a game I can see where executives would have needed to take a second look to make the choice. And it's not a great week for games nationwide; I can see maybe three that will featured two ranked teams. (Nebraska-Michigan, Southern Cal-Oregon and Kansas State-Texas). So, what's your poison?