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Auburn Vs. Georgia Preview: Battle for the SEC East, Part II

Auburn Tigers vs. Georgia Bulldogs, 3:30 p.m. ET, CBS

Anyone who knows this site knows that I'm a South Carolina fan, so there's no reason to avoid saying it: I really want Auburn to win this game. Actually, I really want Georgia to lose today.

Nothing personal, Georgia fans. And no whining about the fact that South Carolina's schedule included a trip to Arkansas while your team's biggest SEC West road opponent couldn't beat Kentucky. This is business -- a trip to the SEC Championship Game is on the line.

So I want to find a reason to say that Auburn can win this game -- but except for some vague notion that the SEC West is better than the East, I can't. Auburn has a very strong running game, but Georgia has the third-best running defense in the conference. Auburn's passing offense is abysmal, not that it matters much when you're facing the fourth-best passing efficiency defense in the SEC.

Meanwhile, Auburn's defense is really not that good. (Awkward syntax there, but I'm trying very hard to be kind.) The odds of it significantly slowing down Georgia's offense are long. Yeah, we'll go with long.

The only hope for Auburn would be to turn this game into a high-stakes shootout. The magic number seems to be 35. Both of Georgia's losses this year were to teams that scored that much, they've hit that number just once against an SEC team, and Georgia's last win against a team that scored that many points was in September 2009. But as much as I want to, I just don't see it happening today.

Georgia 28, Auburn 17