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Tennessee Vs. Arkansas Preview: There Are Some Small Games

Tennessee Volunteers vs. Arkansas Razorbacks, 6 p.m. ET, ESPN2

We're getting to the point of the season where there are a few games that don't mean that much in the scheme of things. One of the teams might be trying to stay alive for bowl eligibility or jockeying for a place in the division -- but there's not much to say about the outcome.

There's a slight chance that a loss here could actually ruin Arkansas' season. If the Hogs lose the game today and go on to defeat LSU, it would actually cost the Razorbacks their long shot at the SEC title game. But even if Arkansas were to upset the Tigers, it's not like they would be a mortal lock to travel to Atlanta.

This game would also give the Vols a lot better chance at getting to the postseason, but the games against Kentucky and Vanderbilt are still Tennessee's best chance to punch its postseason ticket. And it's not like the Vols faithful are thrilled at the prospect of a trip to Nashville or Memphis.

But if you're a Tennessee fan, the number that has to terrify you is that the Vols ranked 10th in the SEC in passing efficiency defense. That should give Tyler Wilson an opportunity to have a huge game at home; if there's anyone who knows how to carve up a weak secondary, it's Bobby Petrino.

The Hogs are more of a mediocre team on passing defense, but that might be enough. After all, while Tennessee can pass the ball well, the Vols are almost incapable of sustaining any success in the running game. It might not be the most meaningful win in the world, but Arkansas gets it nonetheless.

Arkansas 42, Tennessee 21