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The SEC Cupcake-Fest Still Offers Some Delicious Pastries

Cupcakes. Everybody plays them. But we don't want to give anybody credit for doing so. That's why we're lumping them all into one small post and giving you a fun fact about any bad midmajors or FCS teams playing SEC teams each week. Call it our silent, and likely futile, protest.

Western Kentucky at LSU, 7 p.m., ESPNU: How could we even talk about Western Kentucky -- which is actually on a five-game winning streak -- without mentioning Big Red? The Hilltoppers' mascot is older than I am, and his signature mores are the belly slide and the belly shake. The whole amorphous blob thing is a bit off-putting, but wouldn't you like it if he were your mascot. (Okay, probably not.) LSU 34, Western Kentucky 10

Louisiana Tech at Ole Miss, 7:30 p.m., CSS: While it's a midmajor now, Tech has had a football program since 1901 and fancies itself "a household name in collegiate football circles." Former Rebel nemesis Sylvester Croom certainly remembers them. Ole Miss 25, Louisiana Tech 13