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College Football Unbeatens: Week 11

Things didn't go well for Stanford the last time it played Oregon.
Things didn't go well for Stanford the last time it played Oregon.

This season has turned out to be wholly unremarkable when it comes to the number of undefeated teams:

  • 2006 (5): Ohio State, Michigan, Louisville, Boise State, Rutgers
  • 2007 (3): Ohio State, Kansas, Hawaii
  • 2008 (6): Alabama, Texas Tech, Penn State, Boise State, Utah, Ball State
  • 2009 (6): Florida, Texas, Alabama, TCU, Cincinnati, Boise State
  • 2010 (4): Oregon, Auburn, TCU, Boise State
  • 2011 (5): LSU, Oklahoma State, Stanford, Boise State, Houston

Teams listed in order of AP Poll rank.

We have three possible undefeated AQ conference champions left. That matches the three we had at this point in each of 2006, 2008, and 2009 and is just one more than this point in 2007 and 2010. Having two potential undefeated non-AQ teams is the mode here, nestled nicely between the max of three and minimum of one.

There are plenty of reasons why the 2011 season will be remembered—the Miami scandal breaking just before it began, conference realignment, a 1 vs. 2 game, this deplorable Penn State scandal—but that glut of undefeated teams people were worried about three weeks ago is not one of them.



The Cardinal is hosting No. 7 Oregon, the only school to defeat the team a year ago. With the team having only Cal and Notre Dame after the Ducks, this is probably Stanford's last, best chance to lose prior to bowl season. It also doesn't help that the team has had a rash of injuries of late.


Oklahoma State, Boise State

Perhaps I should have put the Cowboys on red alert given that they're playing on the road against Texas Tech, the team that took down Oklahoma. Perhaps, but that game is looking more and more like a fluke as Tech has been hammered by Iowa State (really) and Texas in its past two games. I'll still put it in this category, but I'm not sweating the outcome.

Boise State meanwhile is hosting TCU, who is definitely not the same as the past TCU teams that had epic battles with the Broncos in recent years. On the Smurf turf, BSU should be fine barring something crazy happening.


LSU, Houston

LSU has Western Kentucky. Who lost to regular Kentucky. Yeah.

Houston has a road game and hasn't been as sharp on the road as at home, but it's in New Orleans against Tulane. That school is focused more on finding its new head coach than anything at the moment, so the Cougars should cruise.