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SEC Football Topics for Discussion: Honey Badgers and Connor Shaw

When the Honey Badger wants the Heisman, you probably better give it to him.
When the Honey Badger wants the Heisman, you probably better give it to him.

Anybody arguing with LSU as No. 1? Yes, it's really a pointless argument for the moment, given that LSU and Alabama will eventually play each other, and the winner is almost certainly going to get the nod at least in the media poll. (I still don't know what the coaches and sports information directors are doing, but it's not like their votes count are anything. What do you mean, that's the one the BCS uses in its formula?) So state your case for Alabama if you think they should be No. 1, because there's very little that I can see right now to keep me from giving the Tigers the spot for the foreseeable future.

A Honey Badger for Heisman? What was at one point just an off-handed thought has become a dull roar -- the Heisman voters should consider at least bringing LSU's Tyrann Mathieu to New York City in December. Mathieu has forced four tumbles, recovered three and returned two for touchdowns. He also has two picks, the latest coming in Saturday's game against Florida, a team leading 41 tackles, five of those for losses and 1.5 of those sacks. If a defensive player were to get consideration for the award, Mathieu would seem to be the perfect storm. He's on a team that could play for the championship game -- something that should have nothing to do with the award, but does -- and has the stats to back it up. The question is, do you think that he stands a chance? And should he?

Is Connor Shaw the answer? A few weeks ago, it looked like an extremely ill-advised move when Steve Spurrier decided to start Connor Shaw over Stephen Garcia in the season opener against East Carolina. Now, we know why he did it. It was just Kentucky, but Shaw looked about as good in the Gamecocks' 54-3 dismantling of the Wildcats as could be reasonably expected. He was 26-of-39 for 311 yards and four touchdowns. The passer rating for that, if you were wondering, was 167.50, which would be a quality showing in just about anyone's book. We can't say this enough to make sure the caveat is emphasized -- this was against a team that is on pace to be the consensus worst in the conference and might not win an SEC game all year. But does Shaw under center give you more confidence in South Carolina?

Who isn't going bowling? A lot of teams are suddently past the halfway point of the season, so it's time to start thinking about the postseason picture. We'll start with the easiest question of all, at least the one that looks so at this moment. Of the 12 SEC teams, which of them will not be bowl-eligible when the season is done? There are a few obvious ones (cough cough Kentucky cough cough), but do you see any surprises?

What are you watching Saturday? This is a bleaker slate than you might expect. The only SEC prime time games are Alabama at Ole Miss and Florida at Auburn. The CBS showcase game is LSU at Tennessee. And it's hard to blame the networks when you look at the alternatives -- South Carolina at Mississippi State and Georgia at Vanderbilt are the only other matchups on the schedule. So, is this the week for you to catch up on teams outside the conference?