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Florida Vs. LSU Preview: A Long Day in Baton Rouge for Florida, No Matter Who Starts

Will this guy start? Better question -- does it matter?
Will this guy start? Better question -- does it matter?

Florida Gators at LSU Tigers, 3:30 p.m. ET, CBS

This week's most irrelevant question? "Who will start at quarterback for Florida?" But since we've been wondering about it ever since the Alabama defense apparently tried to maim everyone who went under center for the Gators, the answer is ...

Florida's game day depth chart should end all this QB sp... on Twitpic

All of the above, really. But why is it irrelevant? Because onc eyou lose your starting quarterback and then wander into Death Valley against a ferocious LSU defense, it really becomes an extraneous detail. The question goes from whether Florida can defeat the Tigers to whether they have the slimmest chance to do so.

With John Brantley, Florida could have potentially pulled out a hard-fought upset. But with a quarterback who will be making his first start in the SEC -- well, let's just say that Charlie Weis is going to have to reach way down into his bag of tricks to pull this one off. That's not to say a win is impossible -- it never is when two SEC teams play each other -- but it would be one of the largest upsets any of us could remember in a regular-season game between two contenders for the title in their respective divisions.

Far more experienced quarterbacks have done up against LSU and had very bad days. Don't look at much at LSU's passing yardage allowed -- that's a function of taking and holding large leads. The passer efficiency defense is 10th in the nation, a number that only figures to get better today -- regardless of who Florida has throwing the ball 35 times to try to catch up.

LSU 35, Florida 13