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PollGaze Week 6: Churn

The number for the week is six, as the SEC made it back up to having more than five teams ranked once again. In this week's BlogPoll, LSU and Alabama captured 93 of the 98 total first place votes between them, with the Tigers getting 60 of them. The next team doesn't clock in until No. 13 where Arkansas sits, while Florida and Auburn do an SEC twin spin at 16 and 17. South Carolina fell down all the way to 20.

In the AP Poll, LSU remained at the top, but Alabama passed up Oklahoma for the second position. Arkansas jumped eight places to 10 after knocking off Texas A&M in a big comeback. Auburn jumped back into the poll and soared an impressive 11 positions to No. 15 after upsetting South Carolina. Florida fell back five positions to 17 after losing badly at home to Alabama, while the Gamecocks dropped eight positions to 18 following their first loss of the season.

In the Coaches Poll, LSU passed up Alabama for second behind Oklahoma. The move was a couple weeks in the making, as Alabama held onto second last week despite LSU having 13 more first place votes. Arkansas surged in this poll as well, though only six spots to hit No. 12. South Carolina fell only five positions to end up at 14. Florida did one better (one worse?) in falling six places to No. 18. The coaches brought Auburn back in the poll, but they did so tentatively by putting the Tigers only at 23.

Though Georgia and Tennessee are receiving a smattering of votes in the polls, the winner of their game this weekend is probably not likely to be ranked next week. I'd give Georgia an outside shot if the Bulldogs hammer Tennessee, but that's a big if right now. Auburn and Florida are the teams most likely to fall out next week if they lose badly. They might stay in even with losses though, given that (barring collapses by Bama and Clemson) they'd both have losses to top ten teams.