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Ballotry: Half of the SEC Power Poll Ballot

1. LSU Tigers
Dropped anvils, trucks and kitchen sinks on Kentucky in a dominating win.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide
Welcome to the Southeastern Conference, Jeff Driskel.

3. Arkansas Razorbacks
There really isn't a No 3 in the SEC, so they'll do.

4. Florida Gators
I'm not sure there's even really a No. 4, but we'll put Florida here for reasons I can't even entirely explain.

5. Auburn Tigers
So did they luck into a win, lose a race to lose the game Saturday or prove that they're an actual contender of some sort in the SEC West? We might find out this weekend against Arkansas.

6. South Carolina Gamecocks
This team is composed entirely of a wide receiver, a running back and a defensive line. That's not going to win you a lot of games when the other team has 22 guys taking the field.

7. Georgia Bulldogs
Looks like the season isn't over after all.

8. Tennessee Volunteers
If they only had an injured receiving corps

9. Vanderbilt Commodores
Hey, the SEC East is as wide-open as it's ever been.

10. Mississippi St. Bulldogs

11. Mississippi Rebels
Not to go bursting too many bubbles here, but they beat Fresno State last year as well.

12. Kentucky Wildcats
This is, for my money, still the worst team in the SEC. Yes, worse than Ole Miss.