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Half the BlogPoll Ballot

Now that it's October and everyone has played at least a third of their games, I'm switching to a mostly resume-based approach. It's still a small sample size though, so I am going to make some allowances based on expectations. Some teams are clearly good but haven't beaten anyone yet (e.g. Stanford and Oregon), while some don't have a good win but it's not for lack of trying (e.g. Texas A&M and FSU).

The numbers next to teams are their AP Poll ranks. I think the AP Poll is the best of the mainline polls and provides a decent starting point. That's the only thing I use the AP ranks for though; I placed teams in positions based on my own reasoning.

Note: This table is too big to display properly in the narrow view. Switch to wide view or click the post title from the main page to see the whole thing left to right.

RK TEAM RECORD Best Win Win Win Win Worst Win Loss Loss
1 LSU 5-0 9 Oregon 16 WVU Miss St. Kentucky I-AA    
2 Alabama 5-0 10 Arkansas 17 Florida Penn St. North Texas Kent St.    
3 Clemson 5-0 15 Auburn 21 VT 23 FSU Troy I-AA    
4 Oklahoma 4-0 23 FSU Missouri Tulsa Ball St.      
5 Wisconsin 5-0 14 Nebraska NIU Oregon St. UNLV I-AA    
6 Oklahoma State 4-0 24 Texas A&M Arizona Tulsa UL-L      
7 Boise State 4-0 Georgia Tulsa Toledo Nevada      
8 Arkansas 4-1 24 Texas A&M Troy New Mexico I-AA   2 Alabama  
9 Stanford 4-0 Arizona Duke UCLA SJSU      
10 Oregon 3-1 Arizona Nevada I-AA     1 LSU  
11 Auburn 4-1 18 South Carolina Miss St. Utah St. FAU   8 Clemson  
12 Kansas State 4-0 25 Baylor Miami (FL) Kent St. I-AA      
13 Illinois 5-0 22 Arizona St. WMU Northwestern Arkansas St. I-AA    
14 Michigan 5-0 Notre Dame SDSU WMU EMU Minnesota    
15 Nebraska 4-1 Washington Wyoming Fresno St. I-AA   4 Wisconsin  
16 Georgia Tech 5-0 UNC NCSU Kansas MTSU I-AA    
17 Texas 4-0 BYU Iowa St. UCLA Rice      
18 South Carolina 4-1 Georgia Vanderbilt ECU Navy   15 Auburn  
19 Florida 4-1 Tennessee Kentucky UAB FAU   2 Alabama  
20 West Virginia 4-1 Maryland Marshall BGSU I-AA   1 LSU  
21 Arizona State 4-1 Missouri USC Oregon St. I-AA   19 Illinois  
22 Virginia Tech 4-1 ECU Marshall Arkansas St. I-AA   8 Clemson  
23 Florida State 2-2 UL-Monroe I-AA       3 Oklahoma 8 Clemson
24 Texas A&M 2-2 SMU Idaho       6 Oklahoma St. 10 Arkansas
25 Baylor 3-1 TCU Rice I-AA     20 Kansas St.