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Ole Miss Vs. Auburn Preview: A Game That Even Invested Fans Should Skip

Mississippi Rebels at Auburn Tigers, 7 p.m. ET, ESPNU

So I've kind of roped some of my family members into being South Carolina fans now, and one of them was telling me the other day that they might have to miss the South Carolina game against Tennessee. Why? Because a friend of theirs who's having trouble with cable wants to come over and watch the friend's team, Auburn, against Ole Miss.

Again, why?

It's not just that I think Ole Miss is now a hopeless wreck of a football team just playing out the string, although that's certainly true. You don't fight Kentucky for the bottom of the league in scoring offense and total offense while also having the worst defense in the SEC and give any impartial observer a reason to believe you'll win a conference game this year.

Even if you put all that aside and pointed out that this friend was an Auburn fan, this game is a battle for no better than fourth in the SEC West. Which matters only if you really, really care about whether you go to Memphis or Birmingham in the postseason (or, in the case of Ole Miss, whether you get to go to a pizza-themed bowl at all).

Not that it matters. Auburn rolls its way to the Liberty Bowl -- or, if they get lucky, maybe all the way to Nashville.

Auburn 43, Ole Miss 17